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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Are you still out there?

I know, I am sorry. 
Things have been changing in my little bubble of the world and I wasn't sure how to tell what was/is going on.

I am walking away from everything; my house, my car, my possessions, everything but my clothes and teaching stuff. I am starting over. Fresh.  I need this. 

Last year my entire life changed when my 7 year relationship/engagement ended violently. I was forced out of my comfortable bubble and into life. 

A lot of things have happened since then.....

I graduated college with my Bachelors in Education (!)
I met an amazing man and fell in love
I was denied my refinance on my mortgage in efforts to keep my house (that my X and I shared)
I resigned from my comfortable office job which I've been in for 4 years
I am moving back to my Mom's
I am throwing myself into the teaching world by substitute teaching to get my foot in the door (our education job market is tough here)

For once in my entire life, I do not have a plan. 
I do not know if I will get a substitute phone call everyday
I do not know if living with my Mom after 8 years of being on my own will work perfectly
I do not know where my life is taking me

and for once, I am not nervous about it. 

I apologize for the lapse in posts, I just am not sure what to write about. 

We will see where all these changes in my life, take my blog. 

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